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I created was created to serve as a sacred space for people of all paths of life to come together in their humanity, to develop and strengthen their spirituality, and to explore what it means to live this human experience. After years of study and experience in the major world religions and spiritual systems, I decided to dedicate my life to promoting spiritual health, celebrating life, and teaching as a minister and spiritual director. Throughout this website, you will find definitions for these terms, services I offer, blog posts for personal growth and spiritual development, my contact information, and resources to help you to grow as a person.

What is an Interfaith Minister?

An Interfaith Minister is a spiritual leader who has studied the world’s major world religions, and has practiced or experienced them first hand for a period of time. While each tradition has their own clergy (Jewish Rabbis, Catholic Priests, Muslim Imams, Buddhist Monks, etc.), Interfaith Ministers work as clergy for all people of faith, or no faith at all. They are professionals who transcend the social boundaries of religion to celebrate life with all people.

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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of sacred listening. A spiritual director is a person experienced in the spiritual life who agrees to listen to your life story as it unfolds. Through this process, one can begin to see patterns in their life that serve to lead them deeper into their spiritual journey to their next lesson. A spiritual director is not there to counsel a person into doing anything. Rather, we are here to listen and help you to see the spiritual stream flowing beneath the surface of your conscious life.

Reverend Austin English is an ordained Anglican Priest, Interfaith Minister, and Spiritual Director with years of experience and academic research in Religion and Spirituality.


An important part of this website is spiritual questioning. As such, Rev. Austin is always available for consultation for spiritual questions and questions concerning Christian spirituality.