Spiritual Services for People of All Faith Traditions, and Those of None.

My Mission

As a minister and teacher, it is my mission to promote spiritual wellbeing & positive living to all individuals – especially those of no belief, the spiritual but not religious, and those with religious trauma. Spiritual health effects the way that you view and participate in the world around you, and it is my firm belief that each person needs to create a life that promotes individuality, gratitude, mindful living, and personal happiness.

“If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts, happiness follows them like a never-departing shadow.” ~The Buddha

My Podcast:

The Mindful Moment – Episode 2 – What is Spirituality? "The Mindful Moment" with Rev. Austin English

What is spirituality? How does it effect your life? What are some ways that you practice spirituality without even knowing it? Listen to find out more!
  1. The Mindful Moment – Episode 2 – What is Spirituality?
  2. The Mindful Moment – Episode 1 – Introductions

Rev. Austin English

Austin is an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Director, Mindfulness Teacher, and Coach living in Southwest Florida. As a student of world religions for over 20 years, Austin has a wealth of experience that enables him to serve people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Austin’s teaching and ministry focuses on authentic living, mindfulness, and holistic health. Since 2015, Austin has been involved in ministry–both as an Anglican Priest and as an Interfaith Minister–providing spiritual guidance and services to people of all different paths in life. He has studied religion, education, psychology and sociology academically, and has practiced most of the major world religious traditions; he was ordained an Anglican Priest and as a Wiccan Minister, has completed a Diploma in Islamic Studies, and has been trained in chaplaincy, spiritual counseling and spiritual healing modalities. Over the past 8 years, Austin has provided officiant services for weddings, funerals, house blessings, and more.

Austin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Studies focused in Elementary Education, and is certified in life coaching, mental health first aid, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. In his free time, Austin is also a musician, artist, traveler, tarot reader, and avid reader of Non-fiction titles.


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