Learn to listen with the ear of your heart.

Navigate your life path, and follow your heart toward your true self and the life you were born to live.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a companionship along the spiritual journey. Throughout life we are all confronted with questions, fears, anxieties, and concerns–spiritual directors are there to listen and guide you during those times. If you want to live a more authentic life, and live deeper into your truth and values, spiritual direction is a value tool for you.

What’s Interfaith?

As an Interfaith Minister, I serve the needs of all people–religious, spiritual, non-religious, and everyone in-between. Over the years, I’ve been trained to serve people of all religious backgrounds, those who identify as “spiritual, but not religious,” and people of no religious belief. Spirituality is an essential part of each person. It includes our values, morals, our sense of purpose in the world, and many other things that bring meaning to our lives.

The Mindful Moment – Episode 1 – Introductions "The Mindful Moment" with Rev. Austin English

Get to know me! Learn about my background, my interests, my own spirituality, and what I hope to accomplish with this Podcast.


“Austin has always been there when I needed him. His knowledge of the spiritual journey has helped me to make decisions that have led to a deeper sense of connection with life, and to happier days.”

Leomara H.

“Working with Austin made my wedding day a breeze. He was able to meet me and my (now) husband where we were and make the ceremony reflect both of our beliefs and personalities….highly recommend!!!”

Rhonda V.

Austin helped me by being the ear that no one else wanted or knew how to be. He listened to my concerns and questions and helped guide me towards finding my own answers. He didn’t force me to view something a certain way and made my concerns seem valid instead of brushing them off (as others had done in the past). I still have struggles but I know that I can go to him and have someone who will help me through them.

Miquela C.

About Austin

Austin was born in Southwest Florida to a non-religious family. After experiencing childhood trauma, he began his spiritual journey in search for answers. Throughout the years, he has studied all of the major religious traditions through practice, interviews, and academic study. Austin was first ordained in the Wiccan tradition and served as a spiritual teacher in 2009. He spent the next few years of his life studying Buddhist meditation and mindfulness, as well as Islam. After studying Christian monasticism for a period of years, Austin felt called to the Anglican church. He was baptized and confirmed in 2013, and began training for the priesthood. Austin was ordained to the priesthood in October of 2016. Since his ordination, Austin has served as a mission priest, Interfaith Minister, chaplain, spiritual director, advocate, and contemplative teacher.

Within this time, Austin has completed a diploma in Islamic Studies (2017), been attuned as a Reiki Master (2019), became a certified Life Coach (2021), trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (including mindfulness based CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mental Health First Aid, and has taught centering prayer and meditation to a variety of students. Austin works as an elementary school teacher, and serves his community through an Interfaith group founded to support people of all beliefs and traditions. He spends time in contemplative prayer and silence, and is a member of the Order of Julian of Norwich. In his spare time, Austin enjoys traveling, learning languages, reading, painting, and singing.