Welcome! My name is Austin English, and I am an Anglican priest and an Interfaith Minister serving people all over the world. I practice, and find spiritual strength and solace in, the Christian tradition. However, truth is much bigger than any of us can imagine. Truth, God, Divinity, Love, Life itself can be found in all religions, and where there is no religion at all. This website is a sanctuary for all people–all faith traditions, and no faith at all. This is a space to explore spiritual teaching that promote peace, hope, love, and development of the soul–not to promote a religion. I invite you to join me, search for truth with me, find your light and let it shine with mine in this world.

Let’s walk together on this path we call life,


Due to a significant number of negative feedback, I have written about what it means to be an Interfaith Minister. Please read below. Spamming and hate messages will not be tolerated on this website.


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About Austin

The Rev. Austin English, AOJN is an Anglican priest, spiritual director and coach. He has studied world religions for almost two decades, has trained and been ordained in the Anglican Christian tradition, has studied Religion and Psychology academically, and trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He is an affiliate with an Episcopal monastic order, and spends time attending to his own spiritual health through writing, studying religious texts, meditation, and contemplative prayer practices. Outside of coaching, Austin also works as a teacher.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of discussing your spiritual life with another person to examine how you are growing and changing within your spiritual practices. Spiritual direction really helps us to see how we may be called to act, or be as our life path continues to unfold. If you are interested in meeting with me for spiritual direction, please contact me below and we can discuss if it is something that would be beneficial to you and your spiritual needs.