Welcome to all who find themselves here! It is my prayer that this website will not only act as a portal between myself and the world, but also as a portal between the world and God. It is also my prayer, that my work be a source of healing for many throughout the world. The ultimate message of Christianity is summarized in one word: Love. Love creates; Love sustains; Love redeems and forgives; Love makes all things perpetually new. Love, therefore, is our reason for existing, our mission in this world, and the very fabric of what makes us. I pray that this Love may be realized through the work of this website and those who find themselves here.

For more than 20 years, I have studied Religion and Spirituality–both academically and informally. As a priest, I have cared for many during times of joy, sorrow, grief, and excitement through the sacraments, pastoral counsel, preaching, teaching, spiritual direction, and friendship. I hope to offer these services and skills to those who find that they need them to come to know God more fully in their lives, and to experience healing from wounds that have been inflicted in the name of God and the church.

Let’s walk together on this path we call life,

The Meaning of Advent

To many in American society, the season of Advent is virtually unknown. In stores everywhere you can find Advent calendars, candles, and wreaths providing a glimpse that Advent is something special in the Christian calendar. With the beginning of Advent this Sunday, I think it’s worth taking some time to explore the spirituality and meaning…


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About Austin

The Rev. Austin English, AOJN is an Anglican Priest in Southwest Florida. He has studied and practiced many of the world religions for almost two decades, has studied Theology, Religion and Psychology academically, and trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He is an affiliate with an Episcopal monastic order, and spends time attending to his own spiritual health through writing, studying religious texts, meditating, art, and contemplative practices. Austin also works as an elementary school teacher.