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Rev. Austin English

Being born in Southwest Florida, I found my way to religious research and experience through grief. After losing my paternal grandmother, I began to question and study ways that would help me to understand what was going on. After these initial question, my journey continued to unfold over the past 18 years. As my journey continues today, I seek out opportunities for education, experience, and intimate community with like-minded seekers. In 2015, I earned a Diploma in Anglican Theology and was ordained to the priesthood. During this time, I served in internships in pastoral care and spiritual servanthood with mentors of various traditions. Before my priestly ordination, I served as an Interfaith Minister through spiritual direction, chaplaincy, and pastoral care. As time went on, I realized that my call to be a priest was not separate from my call to serve people of all religions and spiritual paths as an Interfaith Minister. Though my spiritual path was found in Christianity, truth runs much deeper and broader than any one religion could ever lay claim to. This is why I created my website and offer myself to assist in spiritual health and development. Walking together only serves to deepen our human experiences. In my daily life, I paint and draw, write, and work as an Elementary School teacher. Working with my students and coworkers each day helps me to learn patience, strength, humility, and authentic relationship and fraternal love. If you don’t find me in the classroom, check the nearest coffee shop or nature park learning to speak Arabic or French more fluently!

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